"My business reflects my self experienced passion in life. It's a true privilege to feel a deep purpose and to be able to make a difference. Luzmon Medical strives to enhance quality of life for others."

Louise Mohn
Founder, owner and CEO

Her personal journey of organic recovery from childhood sports injuries with chronic pain through 14 years, provided the driving force for the creation of her business, and the impetus to make it work.

Fit, toned and pain free, despite no active exercise or regular visits to the gym, Louise Mohn is eager to share her passion for the treatment that got her "back on track".

Luzmon Medical

Mohn was inspired to provide her own contribution to the medical field after 27 years of experience with treatments and empirical knowledge. Her experience is now backed up by evidence based research and scientific data, creating the foundation and integrity for Luzmon Medical. 

Espen Rostrup, Chief Medical Officer, MD PhD has over the last ten years coordinated all the medical research data into a library of experience and scientific evidence. He continues to expand and coordinate the available research for the benefit of our patients. Our hands on approach and the empirical based treatments makes us the forerunner in our field. 

The design developed by experienced engineers and scientists in the medical device industry has resulted in state of the art equipment exclusive to Luzmon Medical. Launching in 2019.

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Espen Rostrup, Chief Medical Officer, MD PhD and Louise Mohn, Founder, Owner & CEO of Luzmon Medical